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3 Level Authentication


We provide full notary public services.  Our notaries speak several languages, including English, Chinese and Spanish and are Bonded & Insured.  Our Notary Public Service can be done at our local office or, by appointment at a location convenient to the client.  For your convience, we are open seven days a week.

Identification Required for Notarizations:  Each signer must present valid identification such as a current California I.D., a drivers license, US Military Identification card or passport issued within the last 5 years.


To ensure that the document could be legally used in China, the Chinese Embassy and Consulates General in the United States need to authenticate notarial deeds and the certified documents which are issued by the relevant authorities in the United States, certified by the Secretary of State in US.

We offer a one-stop service with one low price that eliminates tedious legwork for the client and efficiently accomplishes their needs. Our services are generally an all-inclusive package (including drafting, Notarization, State Certificate.  We pickup and mail the completed documents to any location in China, Taiwan and in the U.S.  Processing time is typically six to eight business days from the date the documents are confirmed and received by us.  We make sure all requirements are met and that delays are minimized. Please note, the Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles only authenticates documents within its consular district.   


  •  Power of attorney (Buy or sell property)
  •  General Power of Attorney
  •  Birth/Death Certificates
  •  Marriage Certificates
  •  Divorce Decree
  •  Signature Notarization
  •  Certified court documents
  •  Single statement authentication
  •  Passport green card certification
  •  Fingerprint authentication 
  •  No criminal record Authentication
  •  Business licenses

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