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Welcome to J & W Consulting Group. We located in the city of Oceanside, San Diego County. We are a local professional translation, notarization and immigration consulting company. We have been providing our services to local and oversea individuals, law firms and businesses for over a decade. We also serve Chinese immigrants who are starting their new lives in the United States. Our other services include document translation (English, Chinese and Spanish), notary services, obtaining Secretary of CA State Apostille and document Authentication by the Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles. These services pertain to a variety of legal documents that are frequently used in the U.S and China. We also provide many non-immigrant and immigration visa services.We are a bridge to America Life!

J&W Consulting Group also provides information, alternatives and solutions for people immigrating to America. We help our customers choose the best way to obtain a United States permanent green card based on their individual circumstances. We provide guidance and help in dealing with the intricacies of the immigration process. We familiarize our clients with American lifestyles, government agency procedures and the American educational system. We make sure our client is well equipped with all of the resources they will need to adapt to the American way of life. We are recognized by our clients as a bridge between the U.S. and China.

Authentication, Apostille & Notarization

We provide a one-stop service for the three-step document authentication that is required to be legally used in China.Click here for detailed info

Translation & Interpretation
We are a member of ATA. We provide certified and notarized document translation and interpreting service to all Circumstances.Click here for detailed info
Immigration Consulting

We provide information, alternatives, and solutions new immigrants, help our client choose the best way to obtain a U.S green card based on their individual circumstances.Click here for detailed info

Legal Document Assistance

We help clients fill out immigration and legal forms. We use our legal background and experience to assistant clients with their various legal issues.Click here for detailed info

Guide for New Immigrants

We help new immigrants learn how to obtain government benefits, insurance and housing to ensure that new immigrants enjoy the same benefits as American citizensClick here for detailed info

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