Legal Document Assistance

We help people fill out and submit legal documents. Types of documents including:

  1. USCIS documents: form I-485, I-131, I-130,  I-90 etc. and more
  2. Court  documents: divorce, landlord/tenant, lawsuits etc
  3. Business Documents: Registration, Articles of Incorporation, EIN  etc

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Notarization and Translation Services

We offer Notary Public Service, documents authentication with Chinese Embassy of Los Angeles in the US, and English/Chinese translations. Types of documents included:

Power of Attorney, birth/death certificates, marriage certificate, school diplomas, adoption application, no criminal record, business license, etc.

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Education Service!

We assist international students apply to schools in the US. With our integrated resources, we help them advance their personal development, match their own grades and special qualifications with the standards of the schools they want to attend. Our services included:

1. Application consulting
2. Personal statement guidance
3. Transfer applications

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