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Welcome to J & W Consulting Group, your trusted partner for professional services in translation, notarization, and immigration consulting. Located in the vibrant city of Oceanside, San Diego County, we have been dedicated to serving a diverse clientele, including local and overseas individuals, law firms, and businesses, for over a decade. Our comprehensive services include accurate document translation in English, Chinese, and Spanish, ensuring that your legal documents are correctly translated and formatted for official use. We also offer efficient notary services to authenticate your important documents, as well as assistance in obtaining Secretary of California State Apostilles for international use.We are recognized as a bridge to America!

J&W Consulting Group offers valuable information, alternatives, and solutions for individuals immigrating to America. We assist our clients in selecting the most suitable path to obtain a United States permanent green card, tailored to their unique circumstances. Our services include guidance and support throughout the immigration process, helping clients navigate its complexities. We also provide valuable insights into American lifestyles, government agency procedures, and the educational system, ensuring our clients are well-prepared to adapt to life in the United States. We provide a range of services to help them settle in. Our goal is to make the immigration process as seamless as possible, allowing our clients to focus on building their new lives in America.

Notary & Apostille

We provide a one-stop service for notary and apostille to legalize your document for use overseas.Click here for detailed info

Translation & Interpretation

We are a member of ATA. We provide certified and notarized document translation and interpreting service to all Circumstances.Click here for detailed info

Immigration Consulting

We provide information, alternatives, and solutions new immigrants, help our client choose the best way to obtain a U.S green card based on their individual circumstances.Click here for detailed info

Legal Document Assistance

We provide legal document drafting and preparation services for all your legal needs. Whether you require assistance with settlement agreements, business buy-and-sell agreements, answering complaints, prenuptial agreements, or any other legal document, our expert team is here to help.Click here for detailed info

Guide for New Immigrants

We assist new immigrants in navigating the process of obtaining government benefits, insurance, and housing, ensuring they have access to the same benefits as American citizens.Click here for detailed info

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