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About Us

J & W Consulting Group, a legally registered business in California, is located in California's second-largest county San Diego and the city of Oceanside. A main aspect of our business is providing professional notarization, translating documents, and obtaining document certification. However, we also provide guidance to international students wanting to study in the U.S., non-immigrant visa services, and immigration consulting. Finally, if needed, we help our clients find housing and professional business consulting services.

      The Company started out by proving translation, notary services and helping clients obtain various types of business oriented visas. However, over the past ten years of doing business we have developed close business relationships with certain professionals in many fields and with various U.S. government agencies. We have helped many Chinese students to apply and get into the U.S. private and public high schools, community colleges and universities. We have helped many new immigrants become legal residents and have helped them solve the legal and financial issues that arise upon entering the United States.

Now, more and more Americans are going to China for paid positions, to undertake commercial ventures, and participate in entertainment performances in China. Before they can get a work Visa for China, they need to get a Chinese work permit. China work permits are issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People’s Republic of China on a case-by-case basis. However, before an employer in China can obtain a work permit, they are required to submit supporting documents before their arrival in China. Such documents could include medical forms and criminal history checks, all of which must be translated, notarized, and authenticated. Over the past ten years, we have helped many American citizens to get these documents legalized and ready for use in China. Our experienced consultants will provide you with related information about this process.

The company team members, some American born and raised, have received an American law school education. Some of our consultants are early immigrants to the United States who have received higher education in the United States and China. As such, they are intimately familiar with the differences in culture and lifestyle between the U.S. and China. Our CEO has more than fifteen years of work experience in the legal field, including immigration law, criminal defense, civil cases, and commercial law. He is also a state government-appointed Notary Public. Our top manager, who is also our chief consultant, has extensive experience in corporate management of Sino-US and China enterprises and is very familiar with U.S. immigration and non-immigrant visa procedures.

We don’t simply help clients to fill out immigration and legal forms. Our aim is to help our clients understand the American way of life and its culture in order to help them make their transition smoother and more successful. We hope that through our sincere professional consulting services, we will help our clients obtain the same rights and benefits that most American citizens now enjoy.