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Legal Service

Legal Documents Assistance

We help people fill out and submit USCIS documents as well as court documents used in a variety of legal cases such as divorce, law suits, landlord/tenant and many others. We also help our clients understand the process and the deadlines involved in their filings. Although we do not provide legal advice, we have access to a wide range of professionals who can represent our clients should it be needed. However, in most cases, we are able to guide our clients to a successful result without the need of legal representation.

We work closely with many attorneys, depending on our clients need, we will recommend lawyers that meet their needs and circumstances. As we all know, the service fee of American lawyers is very high, so most of times, with our help, it is not necessary to hire a lawyer. Under our professional guidance, clients can achieve successful results at a very low cost, even can complete the small court claim by themselves.

We help people fill out and submit legal documents. Types of documents include:

  1. USCIS documents: form I-485, I-131, I-130, I-90 , I-400, I-765, and more;
  2. Court documents: divorce, landlord/tenant, lawsuits, small claims, and more;
  3. Business Documents: Registration, Articles of Incorporation, EIN etc
  4. All other legal and business documents.
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