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In past five years, our company has successfully helped Chinese Intend Parents (“IPs”)with their surrogacy journey. The surrogacy process is complex and requires experience, close attention to detail and careful tracking of important stages and deadlines in order to ensure a smooth journey to parenthood. We help Intended Parents communicate and coordinate with the surrogacy agency, IVF clinic, egg donation agency and the attorney.

Our service is not simply a translation service. we also provide professional coordination throughout the IPs’ surrogacy journey. we are involved at every step of the process. we help and support the IPs from the beginning of their journey, which may start with the initial meeting with the surrogacy agency, and through to the end of their journey, the birth of their child or children. Often, our service extends beyond the birth, depending on the IPs’ needs. we also assist our International clients with the many issues that IPs from China face.

Services we provided include:
Surrogacy Process for Intended Parent(s):

In most of the United States, surrogacy laws are favorable, with variations of certain aspects in different states. In states were surrogacy is protected, the surrogacy laws are favorable: permitting surrogacy contracts, granting pre-birth orders and naming both parents on the birth certificate.No matter where you are in your surrogacy process, it’s important that you understand the surrogacy laws in the U.S. Because gestational surrogacy laws can vary so widely from state to state, you’ll need to consult with your surrogacy specialist and your surrogacy lawyer to make sure that all of the legal issues with surrogacy are covered and you’re protected from any legal problems that may arise during the process.

After reviewing our clients needs and situation, we go to work to find a well-suited surrogate mother for them. Once we have a gestational surrogate candidate, we send her information to our clients to review. If the client feels she is a qualified candidate, we arrange a meeting with you,, the surrogate and her spouse, and a case manager. If the parties agree to work together the surrogacy process begins, and psychological and medical evaluations are scheduled.

The process includes:

* Psychological Evaluation and Support

* Medical Evaluation

* Legal Process

* The Embryo Transfer Cycle

* Pregnancy

* Birth Preparedness

FAQ About Surrogacy for Intended Parent(s)

Q: Can we use the surrogate’s health insurance for the pregnancy?

A: Provided the surrogate’s health insurance policy clearly and specifically states coverage for a surrogate pregnancy, you may utilize the surrogate’s personal health insurance plan with her consent. Our insurance specialist will review the policy to investigate what coverage is available. This information will be provided to your attorney for review.

Q: What do we do ifthe surrogate doesnot have health insurance?

A: In some states there may be the option of purchasing an individual health plan for your surrogate. Otherwise, there are policies available for surrogate mothers that are designed specifically for surrogate pregnancies.

For the final phase of the surrogacy process, your independent attorney will file parental establishment documents with the courts prior to the birth of your baby! These documents will be sent to the birthing hospital so that all relevant parties at the hospital are aware of your situation ...

Legal Process:

Independent attorneys specializing in reproductive law are available to answer legal questions you may have regarding the surrogacy process you are undertaking. You may select one of these attorneys to draft the gestational surrogate contract as well as establish parental rights prior to the birth of your baby. The legal contract is then reviewed by the surrogate and her attorney. Once all parties have signed the contract, the embryo transfer cycle and the rest of the surrogacy process can begin.