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Applying to college can be an extremely stressful process especially for an international student, but with careful planning and advance research the process will be much easier. Depending on our clients’ academic goals and personal needs, getting into college can be extremely easy, difficult or somewhere in between.

There is a college for every student who wants to attend.  The USA has 4000 degree-granting institutions.  Almost all of them accept the majority of applicants, only a small number of elite schools accept less than half the people who apply. Hundreds of colleges accept almost everyone who applies.  So, the chances of getting into the college of your choice are excellent.  

On the other hand, top schools like Harvard, Stanford, UCLA etc. receive thousands of applications from top students for their freshman classes.  It is important to have a realistic view of your credentials and of what the school requires.  We help students match their own grades and special qualifications with the standards of the schools they want to attend.

We assist foreign high school, college and graduate students apply to schools in the US.   With our integrated resources, we help students advance their personal development.   J&W adheres to the American corporate reputation ideal that the value of the customer is always the highest priority.


1.     Application Consulting: 

Our experienced consultants have studied the educational requirements of hundreds of schools in order to help students make important academic decisions. We help students with the entire process:  choice of schools, the application, documents preparation, online updating, requesting and submitting supporting documents and other aspects of the application process.

2.      Personal Statement Guidance: 

We review our clients’ personal statement and assist with its structure, formatting and editing.   We make this statement a more prominent instrument in the application and thereby enhancing the students’ chances for admission.  We offer one on one consultations with our writing experts in order to develop and finalize the Statement of Purpose, Personal Statement and other essays that may be required in the admission process.

3.     Transfer applications: 

A senior consultant of the Company will assist with all aspects of the transfer application, including the following: develop a transfer plan, school choice, online application and request and submit supporting documents.  Type of school applications includes high school, language schools, undergraduate applications, graduate applications and many more.  And we offer one on one consultations with a senior transfer consultant.

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