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Welcome to J&W Consulting Group, We located in sunny San Diego, California’s second largest city.  We are a professional Chinese and English translation company. We also offer notary public service.  We provide Chinese to English and English to Chinese translation services. We offer high quality, certified translations at very competitive prices. We have expert translators in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

The company has been providing a variety of consulting services for over a decade.  These services include Chinese/English translation, notary service, Secretary of State Apostle, and document Authentication by the Chinese Consulates of Los Angeles.  These services pertain to a variety of legal documents that are frequently used in the U.S and China.  We also provide many non-immigrant visa services such as assisting our clients obtain the business or visitor’s visa, student visa, marital visa, as well as the work visa.

J&W Consulting Group also provides information, alternatives and solutions for emigrating to America. We help our customers choose the best way to obtain a United States permanent green card based on their individual circumstances. We provide guidance and help in dealing with the intricacies of the immigration process.  We familiarize our clients with American lifestyles, government agency procedures and the American educational system.  We make sure our client is well equipped with all of the resources they will need to adapt to the American way of life.

We don’t just help you fill out forms and submit legal documents. Our aim is to help Chinese (currently residing in the United States and living in China) to understand the United States way of life and it’s culture in order to help make their transition smoother and more successful.  We hope that through our sincere professional consulting services we will help more Chinese to obtain the same rights and benefits that most American citizens now enjoy and help them to do so as soon as possible.

For our Chinese customers, we strive to become an important bridge to American life.  

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